House made for skateboarding

You'll have to go to Paris to see it and you can only skate it if you're a professional.

The PAS House was designed so that everything on the inside, from the walls to the furniture, can be skated on.

It's a curvy indoor playground where you can get air in the lounge, carve your way over the kitchen and grind along bench tops, and nobody will tell you to go and play outside.

The Paris display of the PAS House is actually only a full-scale model of one room of the house. The good news, for the professionals, is that it's all skateable.

The professionals have been called in to put the design to the test. If all goes well, the real thing will be built on the top of the Las Flores Canyon in Malibu, California.
The man behind the design, Pierre-André Senizergues, is described as a "super-rich skateboarding GOD" by TMZ. He has some serious skating cred from years as a world-class professional during the 80s.

He's also made a fortune from skate shoes, clothes and accessories. His latest venture is skateboard-inspired furniture which you can see in the pictures from the Paris display.

The world-first live-in designer skate ramp should be ready for Senizergues to move into some time in 1212.

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