Hotel named among the state’s 'most violent' pubs

THE Plantation Hotel in Coffs Harbour has been outed as the second most violent pub in New South Wales.

Government figures show the bar was the scene of 16 violent incidents over the past year, behind only Sydney's notorious Ivy nightclub with 23 incidents.

The "Planto" was only two punch-ups away from being named a Level 1 venue.

That would mean the hotel would be subject to strict rules including a 1.30am lockout and no shots served after midnight.

As a Level 2 venue, staff must stop serving alcohol half an hour before closing, not use glass or breakable containers after midnight and must hold alcohol time-out periods or serve free food and water for 10 minutes of every hour after midnight.

They will also be required to keep a detailed register of any violent incidents that happen at the venue, and will be subject to closer monitoring from authorities.

Despite the Plantation's addition to the list, Justice Minister Troy Grant said a crack-down on drunken violence had resulted in a 39% reduction in serious incidents at venues on the violence register.

There were 182 recorded incidents over the past 12 months, compared with 300 a year earlier.

"It just doesn't add up to run a violent venue - it's harder, more expensive and you run the risk of losing your liquor licence for life," Mr Grant said.

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