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Hoping for a Tony Abbott comeback? Turnbull says no

THE true believers who dream of conservative former leader Tony Abbott again rising through the ranks of the Coalition after the election may be just that... dreaming.

A media blitz by the ousted prime minister on major radio stations and Sky News this week prompted new optimism in some quarters that Mr Abbott could be put to good use in a re-elected Turnbull Government.

Mr Abbott has previously said he "expects" to serve as a backbencher although he would never-say-never about a Cabinet position.

News Limited are reporting some Coalition insiders want Mr Abbott given Defence of Indigenous Affairs.

On Thursday though, Mr Turnbull reminded voters that if Mr Abbott wanted his star to ascend once again, it was not going to be immediately after the election.

"The ministry that I will lead after the election, if we win, will be the same as I lead today," he said.

Meanwhile, any hope of a Senate more friendly to the Coalition seems to be fading.

The Coalition passed reforms to the Senate earlier this year with the help of the Greens, in the hope that fewer micro parties would make it into the upper house.

However the Daily Telegraph is reporting that up to eight Senate seats could go to a range of micro-parties, including "libertarian" David Leyonhjelm, anti-paedophile campaigner and radio shock jock Derryn Hinch, One Nation leader Pauline Hanson and former rugby league legend Glenn Lazarus 

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