The Mackays Road crossing.
The Mackays Road crossing. Bruce Thomas

Hopes for funds to be used on Mackays Rd crossing

A STOP sign is all that stands in the way of speeding trains and local traffic on a busy Coffs Harbour road, but that could soon change following the government's injection of millions of dollars into road improvements as part of the latest economic stimulus package.

Mackays Road is situated just minutes from the Coffs Harbour CBD, yet the rail crossing on the road is without a set of boom gates.

One resident who works at a home office on Mackays Road described the crossing as 'surprisingly busy'.

“The amount of traffic that goes over the crossing, including trucks and local cars, is just amazing,” the resident said. “It's definitely a busy road and you'd think they'd put in something safer than just a stop sign.”

The Federal Government has announced it will install 200 new boom gates and other safety measures at high risk rail crossings this year as part of the stimulus package that hit the headlines this week.

A spokesperson for the government said $50 million will be invested this year, with submissions sought from the State Government to identify priority rail crossings.

“Recent serious accidents at rail crossings across Australia have highlighted the need for action to address the risks faced by road and rail users at these intersections,” the spokesperson said.

“Tragically there are around 100 accidents at level crossings in Australia every year.”

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