Hoon driver is now walking

A CONVICTED car hoon, spotted doing a burn-out in the city centre by a police officer, has been ordered off the roads for a year.

Tristan John Chard, 21, of Nana Glen, was this week found guilty of a spate of driving offences dating back to January 23.

At 12.05am he was spotted by a police officer revving the engine of a Toyota Soarer while stopped at traffic lights at the intersection of Park Avenue and the Pacific Highway.

The officer, who was walking between local hotels at the time, said the driver released the clutch when the lights turned green.

The vehicle is said to have lost traction as the wheels spun and created smoke.

The officer said the car veered towards the footpath near Harbour Drive where a group of late night revellers were standing.

The police officer said, in his impression, the driver had endangered innocent bystanders who could have been seriously injured if the vehicle had mounted the kerb.

The car is said to have drifted between lanes and accelerated to excessive speed.

The officer estimated the vehicle was travelling between 120km/h and 140km/h as it passed a truck in a designated 60km/h zone.

A highway patrol officer, who heard the commotion, left the driveway of the Coffs Harbour police station and gave chase.

The offending vehicle was pulled over at the Bailey Centre and the driver and his male passenger were questioned.

Chard failed a breath test at the scene and was taken to the station where he returned a mid-range reading.

Police impounded the vehicle and had it towed to a holding yard.

Chard was charged with drive a vehicle in a recklessly/furiously in a manner dangerous, interfere with a person’s enjoyment/risk their safety and drink driving.

Convicted of the offences in the Coffs Harbour Local Court this week, he was disqualified for two periods of 12 months to be served concurrently, fined a total of $850 and ordered to pay court costs.

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