An additional 10 minutes is needed to travel north from Englands Rd to Arthur St.
An additional 10 minutes is needed to travel north from Englands Rd to Arthur St. Trevor Veale

Holiday goers create traffic snarls

1.00PM: The 10 minute delays in Coffs Harbour and at Warrell Creek have now dissipated with the dwindling traffic.

There will still be additional motorists heading north through Coffs Harbour's city centre after they've battled the 80 minute delay at Telegraph Point.

The delay for northbound drivers at Woodburn is 65 minutes thanks to a 9km long queue of traffic. It's not as bad as those headed south through Woodburn but they still have to contend with a 20 minute wait.

A 10 minute delay has built up at Ulmarra, north of Grafton, while there's still 15 minutes of added time behind the wheel for those making the transfer from the north end of the F3 to Hexham Bridge.  

11.00AM: THE traffic created by those headed north on their holidays has reached a peak today.

While there was a noticeable increase on Boxing day, today has seen traffic hit its busiest of the holiday period.

In Coffs Harbour, motorists are being asked by the RMS and the Live Traffic NSW website to factor in an additional 10 minutes of travel time when headed north along the Pacific Hwy.

There are still two 5km long sections of the Pacific Hwy upgrade between Coffs Harbour and Port Macquarie that are yet to be opened and are one lane in each direction with a speed limit of 80km/h.

These two sections are also causing delays for motorists headed north.

The section south of Macksville between Warrell Creek and Scotts Head Rd is causing a delay of 10 minutes.

Motorists are being told to expect significant delays on the yet to be opened section between Telegraph Point and Kundabung. The drive through that section is taking an hour longer than usual.

Further south there's a 20 minute hold up for those travelling north between John Renshaw Drive and the Hexham Bridge.

There's currently a queue of 5km in both directions at Woodburn causing a 35 minute delay for those headed north and 20 minutes for those on the south run.

  • Note: The author of this piece drove from the Glasshouse in Port Macquarie to the Coffs Coast Advocate office yesterday morning when there was little traffic on the Pacific Hwy and the journey took 95 minutes. 

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