Horseman from Snowy River arrives

The Horseman from Snowy River: action tonight at the showground.
The Horseman from Snowy River: action tonight at the showground.

COFFS Harbour Showground is now home to 16 of the world’s most beautiful and talented horses – all for your entertainment.

The Horseman from Snowy River rolled into town this week and preparations were at full pace yesterday as they prepared for tonight’s big opening.

If rehearsals were anything to go by, the show is going to be nothing short of spectacular.

“We’ve just had a fantastic response in Tamworth and we’re hoping to get the same in Coffs Harbour,” international horse master Rene Gasser said.

“It’s one of those shows everybody loves, the horses are ready and enjoying themselves and so are we.”

Featuring some of the most beautiful horses in the world, alongside a menagerie of other four-footed pals, the show includes everything from amazing trick riding and spectacular shows of horsemanship to comedic sheep herding and world-champion whip cracking.

Five-time Australian champion and two-time world champion whip cracker Ben McHugh brings something a little different to the show and can’t wait to show Coffs audiences what he’s made of.

“We’ve been on a high since we started the show in February, it’s fantastic,” Mr McHugh said.

“My favourite part of my act is simulation – where I simulate different sounds with the whips, like steam trains, even horses from a walk, trot and gallop.”

The Horseman from Snowy River begins tonight at the Coffs Harbour Showgrounds and runs every Friday, Saturday and Sunday until April 25. To buy tickets head to the Ticket office at the showgrounds, phone 136 100 or visit

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