WINNING WAYS: Kevin Hogan, wife Karen and daughter Rosie after declaring victory on Sunday.
WINNING WAYS: Kevin Hogan, wife Karen and daughter Rosie after declaring victory on Sunday. Melissa Gulbin

Hogan claims 'great result' in Page

FINALLY able to celebrate being returned for a second term as the Member for Page, Kevin Hogan says the job ahead is to keep delivering for his electorate.

Mr Hogan yesterday had a spring in his step and was feeling recovered after the long campaign and a busy day visiting polling places on Saturday.

That was followed by the long night waiting for votes to be counted, at the end of which he wasn't prepared to claim victory.

It was a different story once he had looked over the numbers again yesterday.

With 82.54% of the vote counted, Mr Hogan leads Labor's Janelle Saffin in the two-candidate preferred count 52.06% to 47.94%, a swing of 1.04% away from the Nationals MP.

"This is a great result and, with the postal and absentee votes still to come, there is no way we can lose now," he said.

"I had thought it was going to be tight.

"I haven't looked at the statewide swing but I think the national swing was about 3.4% against the government, so to contain the swing in Page to 1%, or less once all the votes are counted, is a great result.

"The whole team worked hard and now we can keep delivering to improve the local economy."

Mr Hogan's supporters spent a long night at the Lismore Bowling Club on Saturday as they waited for word on the local seat and watched the tense developments around the nation that have left neither the Coalition nor Labor able to claim victory.

The re-elected MP said yesterday he had talked to colleagues involved in the undecided seats that would dictate the result of the election.

"The postal votes are still to be counted and they will be very important, but they are optimistic," he said.

"As a National I'm ecstatic at our results. As a worst-case scenario, we will come out all square with the number of seats we held in the last parliament, and maybe gain one.

"That is an endorsement of the Nationals generally and will increase our representation in Cabinet."

Mr Hogan said it was for others to say what had appealed to local voters but people could see the government had been investing in the region.

"We need to keep delivering for Page," he said. "I think the jobs package we announced during the campaign is very important to the future of the region.

"The work on the Pacific Highway will be done in three to four years and the NBN will be rolled out locally by then, so we need to put new jobs in place

"I'm also very excited by the work moving ahead on the Maclean riverfront precinct."


HOGAN, Kevin (NAT) 41,438 (44.53%)


3440 (3.70%)


2596 (2.79%)

FALLA-RICKETTS, Kudra (Greens) 10,079 (10.83%)

MCALPINE, Bethany (CDP) 2639 (2.84)

SAFFIN, Janelle (ALP) 32,856 (35.31%)

Informal 3794 (3.92%)

Two-candidate preferred

HOGAN, Kevin (NAT) 48,432 (52.06%)

SAFFIN, Janelle (ALP) 44,605 (47.94%)

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