Hip hop cop 'raps' crowd

A BRISBANE police officer has become a YouTube hit after stepping up in a freestyle rap battle.

Constable David Jay was one of the officers who came across a group of drunken MCs outside of Fortitude Valley institution Step Inn on the evening of October 8.

When approached by police, one of the MCs began freestyling a somewhat offensive rap aimed at the Constable Jay.

The young police officer responded with an impromptu rap of his own before asking the group to be on their best behaviour.

The incident was filmed by and has amassed thousands of hits on YouTube.

While some are praising the officer with his quick thinking, there are concerns of a backlash from gay rights activists after Const Jay used the term 'homo' to rhyme with 'watching gay porn in slow-mo' in his rap.

Queensland Police Service posted the video on their Facebook page, adding: "One of our young officers deals with a volatile street situation. Warning: the language, whilst appropriate to the situation and the audience, is extreme. Contrary to media reports, the officer was not disciplined for this interaction."

Watch the video here (warning: contains offensive language)

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