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Hillary Clinton wants to raise wages for women, middle class

PRESIDENTIAL hopeful Hillary Clinton announced her economic plan in New York on Monday.

"We need new ideas …  One that I believe in and will fight for is profit sharing," she said.

"Hard-working Americans deserve to benefit from the record corporate earnings they helped produce."

The former secretary of state spoke at the New School, a progressive university in Greenwich Village on Monday morning. Ms Clinton proposed tax breaks for companies that create programmes to share profits with employees to raise action for middle-class wages.

The Washington Post received an early release of the report, and revealed that Ms Clinton wants to boost women's pay and ensure more women are in the workforce.

"Clinton will call for paid leave policies to help women work while raising families. That might help raising the number of women in the labor force, which has flatlined after years of growth. How much such a policy will to close pay disparities between men and women isn't as clear," the newspaper said.

Ms Clinton will urge growth by increasing taxes on the wealthiest Americans, raising the federal minimum wage, new child care benefits, federal subsidies for college tuition as well as laws that would help expand unions.

She said her framework would help sustain "an economy that grows faster, fairer and more sustainably so that everyday Americans can get ahead and stay ahead."

The Centre for American Progress, a liberal think tank with strong ties to the campaign, released a report.

The presidential hopeful will provide further details on the plan at an event on Thursday in New Hampshire.

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