'Highway robbery' at petrol bowsers

MOTORISTS have complained about “highway robbery” at petrol bowsers in Coffs Harbour.

BP South, the first fuel stop for travellers on the outskirts of the city, is slugging customers 11 cents more for a litre of fuel than the BP station in the city centre.

It’s charging 136.9 cents a litre for unleaded and 137.9 cents a litre for diesel.

At the same time, the BP station opposite the showground is on a par with its competitors, advertising unleaded for 125.9 cents and 130.9 cents for diesel.

When asked why, staff at both servos said the petrol stations were not aligned and were owned and operated by different companies.

“BP South is privately owned, whereas we are owned and run by Reliance,” a staff member at the BP city centre servo said.

“We sell unleaded fuel, whereas the BP in town sells E10 blends, so that’s a four cent per litre difference right there. Also, they are locked in a price war and we are not,” a BP South employee said.

Shell, Caltex, Mobil and United servos offered lowered prices in Coffs Harbour.

Most petrol stations sold unleaded for 123.9 cents a litre, while diesel prices ranged between 130.7 and 133.9 cents a litre.

The cheapest fuel yesterday was at Woolworths with a shopper-docket discount.

Motormouth, the online fuel price monitor, has been alerted to the price variation between Coffs Harbour service stations.

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