Highway hell crash tackle

GRANT Fletcher will never forget his trip home up the Pacific Highway on Sunday night.

The Halfway Creek 16-year-old was returning with his four mates from work in Newcastle when they saw a white hatchback overtaking erratically at high speed at Bonville.

“He was swerving across lanes in front of us and on a right-hand bend, his car jolted and the driver over-corrected,” Grant said.

“He hit the grass between us and oncoming traffic, then he was back in the left lane and over-corrected before going onto the wrong side of the road for 2km at probably 180km/h.

“Then we saw smoke up ahead and thought the worst. The car had still been on the wrong side of the road when it spun and hit a wall.”

Grant and his mates pulled up and walked over to the car, where the driver was 'going off'.

“He ripped the speakers out of his car and threw them on the ground. He was with his girlfriend and we were trying to calm him down.

“He started punching his window and was walking backwards and forwards. He grabbed his girlfriend and tried to kiss her, then he slammed her against the car.” The driver ran off and Grant and his friends chased him.

“Then he ran towards me and I tackled him into a concrete barrier,” Grant said.

“We detained him until the police came.”

Other motorists also stopped to help.

Grant, who is sporting grazes on his elbows and knees, said his group had acted like anyone else would have in that situation.

“I don't like people who do that to girls,” he said.

“It was crazy. It was lucky that no-one got killed.”

Police have revealed that at one stage of the drama, the driver handbraked and slid in front of a semi-trailer, which had to slow to avoid a smash.

A constable sustained minor injuries while the man was being taken to Coffs Harbour Police Station.

• Police have charged a Victorian man, 21, with dangerous driving, driving under the influence of drugs, and assaulting police.

He was refused bail to face Coffs Harbour Local Court yesterday.

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