BDC science teacher Troy Sodeau is off to space camp with NASA.
BDC science teacher Troy Sodeau is off to space camp with NASA. Rachel Vercoe

He's on track to NASA

AFTER years of dreaming, one local high school teacher is about to make his way over to America and step inside the world renowned space facility NASA.

Bishop Druitt College teacher Troy Sodeau will come face to face with astronauts and take part in a variety of learning programs including simulated astronaut training exercises, high performance jet simulations, scenario based missions and flying programs.

Troy said he has always had a fascination and passion for everything space and was one out of ten international people to receive a scholarship into the six day program in June with NASA.

"A family friend threw me an email some years ago about the possibility, I've always wanted to go to America and NASA in particular but getting there was always a challenge," Troy said.

"I thought, how can I get there? and this scholarship popped up, I thought 'Well let's give it a crack and see what happens'.

"The day before school started back, I was in the kitchen, just about to start cooking dinner and was reading, paused and said to my wife and kids 'I think I'm going to America!'

"It was tops, you wouldn't think someone from a small school in a rural area NSW would get something like that.

"I love astronomy, so anything space. I've always done the astro physics electives in physics in the senior year groups, had astronomy nights and getting some tactile knowledge from what the Americans are actually doing will be unreal.

"I'm fascinated to meet an astronaut, I want to see who they are what stories they have. I've watched lots of videos but to actually meet an astronaut would be pretty awesome.

It's not only Troy and his family who are thrilled about his scholarship but staff and students too.

"I think it's really exciting and interesting to have one of our own teachers actually go off to physically see how NASA does it and be involved," student Riley Maddeford said.

BDC principal Nick Johnstone said "space camp is unbelievable and I think it's a testament to the quality of staff we have generally at the college."

"The opportunity for our kids to be exposed by extension to what Troy is going to experience, you can't put a price on that."

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