Heavy rain unearths a giant

Charlize Morrison holds the massive earthworm dubbed the 'wonder from down under.'
Charlize Morrison holds the massive earthworm dubbed the 'wonder from down under.'

ONE mighty night of rain has flushed out a wonder from down under in Coffs Harbour.

The giant earthworm, some 30 centimetres long, has been found in the car park outside Morrisons Betta Electrical store, after it seemingly surfaced to escape the 150mm deluge that hit the city overnight.   

Dean Ralley discovered the massive mulch-eater and was staggered by its size.

He said he knows Coffs Harbour breeds them big, due to our fertile soils, but never expected that a worm could rival a small snake.

"Have a look at the size of it, it's just massive, what a monster," he said.   

As the suggestion was made that it might be a blind snake by a building and intrigued crowd, young Charlize Morrison stepped in for a closer look.

As jokes were passed about what size fishing hook would suit the monster, Charlize saw too it that the worm was spared becoming a meal for an equally big fish and returned to the dirt.

One knowledgeable gardener suggested it may have been a Gippsland Earthworm, which are known to grow up to one metre long.

If you know more about giant worms have your say and shed some light on this incredible invertebrate.  

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