Heat can be a killer, so stay cool

WE may not suffer the extreme heat other parts of NSW are expecting this weekend, but high temperatures are still predicted for the Coffs Coast.

And health authority warnings that high temperatures will put the elderly, ill and children at risk should still apply.

Temperatures are tipped to reach at least 30 for the next few days so we should all be aware of heat-related illnesses.

We are told that during periods of extended heat, and in particularly when the temperature hasn't cooled down at night, heat-related incidents and illnesses can go up quite dramatically.

The key points to remember are to keep cool, keep well hydrated, look out for your neighbours and rest up in the heat of the day.

Cut down the caffeine and the alcohol intake and motorists should also never leave their children or pets in locked cars. And remember your pets, they will also suffer from the heat.

Of course it is unlikely we will suffer the extreme heat of others in Sydney or the south-west of the State, but we should still take onboard the sound advice of health officials.

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