Have a say on health services

THE North Coast Area Health Service Advisory Council is calling on the community to ‘have a greater say’ in the planning, delivery and evaluation of local health services.

The council would like to hear from interested individuals and community organisations about how they receive and use health-related information, and how they can be more effectively engaged.

Over the next few months, the council will be working with North Coast Area Health Service Community Participation Unit to conduct a number of web-based surveys.

Council chair Hazel Bridgett said they were looking for North Coast residents with internet access to participate in a series of short http://www.ncahs.nsw.gov.au/participationsurveys.

She is encouraging the community to sign up for the surveys by completing the first survey, which can be found at: www.ncahs.nsw.gov.au/participation.

Community members who would like to be involved but do not have access to email can still participate; those people will need to register by contacting the Community Participation Unit on 6588 2915 so they can receive the surveys in the mail.

Ms Bridgett said health reform is currently a hot topic across the North Coast and local communities want to be informed.

“During this time of change, we are committed to ensuring we seek the views of the local community about what is happening and their views about how health services are funded, managed and delivered,” she said.

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