HART day at the office for our posties

COFFS Harbour posties were put through their paces yesterday when they underwent their biennial rider training.

Seven local posties were subject to a day of intense rider training conducted by the Honda Advanced Rider Training (HART) unit at the Coffs Harbour Leagues Club.

Skidding, three-point turns and dealing with unco-operative canines were all a part of the one-day refresher course, in which posties were taught slow riding, braking and how to detect and avoid potential hazards in the community.

Cars reversing out of driveways and cars entering roundabouts were high on the list of things to look out for, and tips on how to deal with adverse environmental conditions were also a large part of the day.

"These training programs ensure that all of our motorcycle posties are provided with the necessary information and practical experience required to safely transport and deliver the mail within the local community," Australia Post NSW/ACT Learning and Development Unit manager Deanna Jenkins said.

"The opportunity for our posties to meet and discuss motorcycle issues with professional trainers and their peers and to undertake an assessment of their bike riding skills helps to ensure they are armed with the necessary skills to deal with potential hazards."

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