Gary Larson cartoon
Gary Larson cartoon

Gympie survives weekend of winter sport in 34C - did you?

HOT enough for ya?

It might be a line from a Gary Larson cartoon depicting nerds in hell, but as this endless summer hangs on, it's hard to not feel like one of those nerds.

After sweating through another hot and heavy weekend (and not in a good way) I am ready to sign up for solar energy on the strength of my air conditioning bill alone, not to mention the guilt of letting the air con go all night.

Someone please tell summer to go away.

Gympie had a full dance card of winter sports on the weekend: soccer, Aussie rules, rugby and league.

All those men, women and children running around without shade in the middle of a Queensland day in the middle of a prolonged heatwave, playing sports designed to be played in cooler temperatures.

As I drove past Albert Park on Saturday afternoon and saw the Hammers giving it all out on the field, I was genuinely worried for their health.

With true Aussie grit, they all did it, though, and as far as I am aware, nobody was carted off to hospital with heat exhaustion.

Today is just as bad and one young lass took cool refuge in the family dam at The Dawn this morning, only to find a local snake had the same idea.

Fortunately, again, nobody had to be carted off to hospital, but there was a hasty exit from the dam.

Will winter ever get here?

Seems we are going to skip autumn altogether. I am over it, well and truly.

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