Visitors frustrated with parking

Aunty Beryl was directing Uncle Cyril into a parking bay when he burped up gas from the morning prune juice and gunned the accelerator too hard.
Aunty Beryl was directing Uncle Cyril into a parking bay when he burped up gas from the morning prune juice and gunned the accelerator too hard. Trevor Veale

CHECK the Winnebago in the photo and realise why there’s frustration among grey nomads visiting Coffs Harbour.

Ironically, it was parked opposite the RTA in Gordon St and despite putting the front wheels on the grass, its bum poked so far into the traffic it created a major hazard for drivers streaming toward the swimming pool.

The photo fitted a reader comment about lack of parking options for increasing numbers of larger non-commercial vehicles.

A simple Google search revealed travellers chatter in high volume on dedicated websites and aren’t happy campers about the Coffs situation.

Let us know your opinion on whether or not the city offers enough by emailing the address at the end.

Remember the recent column about dodging cars exiting the rear of Dan Murphy’s fine new booze emporium?

It appears we weren’t the only ones to notice and council has commenced a survey to assess the issue.

Now it’s said the front entry/exit sets another trap for young players with confusion caused by markings in the left turning lane and once I take a dekko of the scene, maybe more on that later.

Peter wrote about the new southside RTA checkpoint built to monitor truck and bus movements after spotting how often it was closed.

Other readers have reported the same thing.

An email from Sean pointed out a lack of bus connections from the northern beaches to the airport and the folly and risk of parking his car in Howard Street during five days away in Melbourne.

Have those new parking fees created another tourism turn-off, without mentioning the continuing ire among the locals?

There was communication from Daniel and I’ll overlook political observations in his correspondence but raise that oldie but goodie . . . the big black ribbon of bitumen and the road toll.

“The problem with the Pacific Highway is as much about selfish, aggressive nuts behind the wheel as it is about they state of the road,” he said, showing he’s one of my kind of people.

“Fewer trucks, more cops, more cameras and people driving to the bloody conditions is the answer and you can add unlicensed drunks in unsafe unregistered vehicles.”

And Ken has done research into the $7000 which new premier Bazza O’Flummery has offered to those moving from city to bush.

He reckons it’s a sly political stunt and the seven large ones will be eaten up by stamp duty, mortgage taxes and removalist fees leaving the gullible and those who didn’t read the tricky fine print, sadly and suddenly out of pocket.

So keep those ideas and words from around town rolling in, dear readers, as they will not go unseen.

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