Recycling centre building goes up in flames

A fire tore through the Biomass Soluctions Facility last year.
A fire tore through the Biomass Soluctions Facility last year. Dave Tester

STAFF working at the Biomass Solutions facility no doubt would have been flooded with memories of last year's fire that put them out of action for months last night when fire again broke out at the building.

At 9.30pm last night, Fire and Rescue NSW were called to a fire at Biomass solutions, located at the Coffs Harbour tip.

The fire set off an automatic fire alarm and had firefighters were on scene, extinguishing the flames until 12.40am.

Fire and Rescue NSW Coffs Harbour station officer Michael Kearnes said a pile of domestic recyclables caught alight.

The hazardous materials unit were also on site and an excavator was used to move objects around to allow firefighters to get to the fire.

In July, last year, a fire broke out at the Biomass Solutions Facility after originating from the general waste and green disposal area at the eastern side of the building.

Around 25 staff were evacuated as the fire spread to a filtration system used to aerate the facility.

Earlier this year, the facility received a new roof after the previous fire.

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