This is the greatest catch in history

Canada's Geoff Powell completes a full-length dive to catch the frisbee.
Canada's Geoff Powell completes a full-length dive to catch the frisbee.

IT flies under the radar but every four years a multi-sport event known as the World Games is held at a different spot across the globe.

This year's edition, which features more than 100 countries competing in a host of traditional (archery, karate and squash) and non-traditional (kayak polo, fistball, indoor rowing) sports, is being held in Poland.

It includes the Flying Disc event, where two teams of seven players pass a disc around with the aim of catching it in the end zone of a 100m x 37m field. You know, Ultimate Frisbee.

Australia is one of six participants at the Games but after edging Japan 13-11 in an instant classic in their first game, our boys and girls (yep, they play together) went down to Canada 13-9.

But those results aren't really what's important here. You see, the Australia-Canada game featured what - given our vast knowledge of Flying Disc - we're happy to call the greatest play in the history of the sport.

Resuming play from the edge of his own end zone, one Canadian player sent the frisbee soaring across the full length of the field.

His teammate, Geoff Powell, set off in pursuit, sprinting around 30m at full pace before launching into a full-length dive to pluck the disc a split second before it touched the grass.

Be honest, not even your dog could have pulled that off.

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