STAR: Alexandra Headland's Lani Pallister.
STAR: Alexandra Headland's Lani Pallister. Harvpix

Great efforts by Coast's lifesavers on world stage

WELL done to Maroochydore SLSC for winning the World Youth Surf Lifesaving Titles in Adelaide last week.

What an amazing effort and also to the Alex Surf Club for a bunch of gold medals in seniors and some great results in our female youth team.

It is very comforting to see two Sunshine Coast clubs side by side each other, albeit with a healthy rivalry, but also knowing the amount of young talent they are developing.

I have to mention Alex's Lani Pallister though, who won enough medals to start a trophy shop. I think 19 in total counting her wins in the Australian team, absolutely amazing.

But, it is not all about winning though, it was fantastic to see the camaraderie at the pool and the beach amongst all the competitors it certainly was a life experience.

Great news for Caboolture Snakes with Mark Carsten taking on the First Grade job.

I am not sure he has enough experience with only 450 games under his belt? Just kidding. Of course he is a champion bloke that bleeds black and gold so it will be great for the local competition.

Mick Buckley, who has been an integral part of the Falcons Colts, has taken on the Gympie Devils which I am sure will bring some enthusiasm to the northern club as Mick has plenty of that.

I thought my mail about Wayne Bennett and Anthony Seibold swapping offices proved to be off the pace but I got there in the end which, in my opinion, was one of the worst cluster muck-ups in the history of the Broncos.

Sure you could blame Wayne and the Bunnies as well but the Broncos fire the first shot by courting Seibold which put the Bunnies on the backward hop so you really can't blame them.

What a debacle though with canny old Wayne saying he was holding out at the Broncos mainly to make sure his staff got looked after.

So hopefully now both clubs and their supporters can move forward.

Although I was talking to Alan Langer midweek and he was heading into Red Hill for a meeting to find out whether he was going to continue in his role at the Broncos as the 14th man on the field, something he has mastered over the years.

He wasn't sure where he stood so I told him I would ring him the next day to see if I needed to put him on the roster at the surf club or maybe he could become the 14th Falcon in the Intrust Cup.

I rang him the next day to see if he still had a job and the call went like this, "How did you go?” Reply: "No good, looks like I am going to be Reggie the Rabbit. I have tried the suit on, it fits”. "Sure you are tall enough? You are kidding aren't you?”. "Course I am tall enough. Yeah, I have still got my job, all good.” "What actually is your official title Alf.” "Entertainment officer.” "Come on mate, what are you? Assistant coach, backs coach, technical assistant?” "Mate, I am the water boy.”

I gave up after that but have to say that is the new coach's first good decision.

I was confident my mail was right with the whole coach swap thing but a bit like Councillor Connolly getting a call-up for the Wallabies, where there is smoke there is usually something cooking?

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