GRAPHIC: Horrifying pic will keep you out of flood water

Peter's foot.
Peter's foot. Contributed

A FACEBOOK post is imploring people to stay out of the flood water in Rockhampton streets.

The post from CQ Flood Update gained major traction online with 1,500 shares and almost 400 comments.

It came with a strong warning on the dangers of stepping foot in murky flood waters.

Here is Peter's story shared on the page.

"During the 2011 floods I stood on a twig in the flood waters around my house. The stick was on the cement pathway to our front steps. I didn't see it as it was under all the water," Peter said.


Peter's foot.
Peter's foot. Contributed

"This is what started infections to my feet including getting MRSA, the infections have resulted in having several of my toes amputated.

"To this day even I still have infections in my feet. Including an ulcer under my foot which has not healed. I have to spend several weeks in hospital over the time.

"In 2011, I ended up with an opening from the infection after surgery that was 8cm and 2cm wide. It had to heal on its own as they can't stitch under your foot."

Health authorities have warned people to heed caution in the flood waters.

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