Google and Twitter battle for election sausage supremacy

THE real battle on election day will have zilch to do with Labor and Liberals and everything to do with sausages.

Those ravenous folks at Google and Twitter have realised what Australians want from their democracy comes lathered in sauce and wrapped in cheap white bread.

Twitter has started a new @AusPolling account that allows users to enter their location and get directions to their nearest polling booth, and says whether cake stalls and sausage sizzles will be there.

Google is making its own bid for sausage supremacy, building a map of Australian polling booths with all the relevant details.

It has teamed up with websites Democracy Sausage and Snagvotes, which are veterans of the election day meat cylinder hunt.

After all, why would anyone bother voting somewhere without $2 bangers in bread on offer?

It may seem trivial.

But the gullible masses had an indignant breakdown when a satire website claimed last year that the Greens were trying to outlaw election day sausage sizzles because mung beans were nicer.

By the way, the Australian Embassy in the Netherlands has caught the bug and will hold a sausage sizzle tomorrow so expats can "get the real voting experience".

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