The Cold Chisel line-up to play Coffs Harbour on November 4. PHOTO: Greg Weight
The Cold Chisel line-up to play Coffs Harbour on November 4. PHOTO: Greg Weight Greg Weight

In the good Cold days

AFTER the Cold Chisel tour ticket sales went into meltdown last week, there should be more than a little interest in the five double passes on offer today in the Guide.

Cold Chisel’s November Coffs Harbour concert is partly due to a relationship with local promoter John Logan, going back to their early days in Adelaide.

"We couldn’t get them many gigs, because no-one wanted them – but they stuck at it and became an absolutely brilliant band," Mr Logan said.

Working for Adelaide’s Central Booking Agency in 1976, he remembers by 1978, the band was able to gain a pub residency.

"The only place that we could get them to play was Largs Pier Hotel – in the Port area of Adelaide – a very rough area," he said.

"They got a residency there and took it from a gig where no-one wanted to go there and built it up into a huge following.

The vibe coming out of the Largs was unbelievable and that’s where they built their career.

"Cold Chisel and The Beatles were two bands who were no good when they started ... and look at them."

As the first major Cold Chisel tour in more than 30 years, ticket sales for the Light the Nitro national tour have been intense.

Coffs Harbour is the only North Coast location on the tour, which will be a standing event under a big top on the hockey fields on Stadium Drive on Friday, November 4.

Disappointed fans in locations like the Hunter Valley bought tickets for the Coffs Harbour leg of the tour.

Hard rockers always, Cold Chisel earned their place as one of the greatest Australian rock bands of all time and today appeal to a surprising array of audiences.

Younger fans are competing for tickets, due to the legendary status of the band and familiarity with songs, hard to avoid on commercial radio stations today.

"My wife works at a doctors’ surgery and just about all of them want to come to the concert and my daughter’s friends at the bank all want to go, too," Mr Logan said.

"People who have never seen them want to come for a chance to see a part of history and one of the greatest Aussie bands of all time.

"They were the halcyon days of Australian pub rock and you literally didn’t survive unless you were good and they were a fabulous band – their musicianship was very good.

"It was a bloodbath – either you were good or people just threw stuff at you."

He joined the Cold Chisel East tour for the album of the same name – travelling from Nowra to Cairns as a tour manager.

"I’m trying to think of something G-rated to tell you," he laughed.

"There was no such thing as pre-sales then – we just used to put money in a box – you’d have $2 notes papering the floor.

"You’d scoop the money up at the end and count it after the gig in your motel room – it was utterly ridiculous – but amazing we never got robbed."

In the early Coffs Harbour gigs at the Plantation Hotel and Civic Centre, crowds would spill out onto the road and around the block, as people tried to get inside.

Tickets to Cold Chisel’s Light the Nitro tour, costing $99.90 were released online at: and at Ticketek agencies such as Wow Sight and Sound Coffs Harbour last Thursday.

See the paper edition of the Guide, dated Wednesday, August 10, to enter the competition to win five double passes to Cold Chisel, which closes August 22.

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