Going around the bend, truckie jackknifes b-double

A LITTLE after 8pm on Monday, Bruce Lethbridge had finished his weekly grocery shop at Woolworths.

Back in his car, he turned left out of Park Avenue heading home south on the Pacific Highway but didn't get far before an unscheduled stop.

"I had just done my shopping, was off home and there was a truck blocking the highway in front of the bus terminal, it was quite a sight," Bruce said.

"It was blocking the highway from both sides. People came out of the motels opposite to have a look at what was going on."

While Bruce raced to get his camera out of the boot of his car, the driver of the B-double was trying to get his vehicle back on the road.

The highway was wet from a brief sprinkling of rain that had hit minutes earlier and it appears the truck jackknifed negotiating the bend in the slippery conditions. No other vehicles were involved in the incident.

Minor delays were experienced, police attended the scene assisting with traffic control and, after breathalysing the truck driver.

The truck driver has since been charged with negligent driving. 

Previous accidents prove this is a tricky corner, especially in the wet and police advise motorists to always drive to the conditions.

It's not the first time this corner between Park Ave and Combine St has caused concern for southbound drivers travelling in wet conditions.

In March traffic came to a stop for almost two hours after a B-double truck jackknifed at the same spot.

Greasy road conditions due to the wet highway was believed to have contributed to the truck's prime mover losing traction as it headed uphill.

One of the most memorable motoring mishaps on this much reported bend in the Pacific Highway has been the "pig incident".


Pigs fly in Coffs, June 2002
Pigs fly in Coffs, June 2002 Bruce Thomas

In early June 2002, pigs flew in Coffs when a refrigerated semi-trailer overturned.

The trailer was pierced by a tree and its roof came off spilling its contents.

The truck driver was fortunate to escape injury however the owner of a parked BMW certainly had an interesting story to tell his insurance company as his car was flattened by the flying pig carcasses.

The crash closed southbound lanes for hours as emergency services cleaned up.


The big
The big "bacon clean up” closed southbound lanes all afternoon on June 4, 2002. Bruce Thomas

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