God Save The Queen? Republicans launch Aust Day advert

KEEP your eyes peeled on Australia Day for a controversial new television ad which gets viewers to think about why the Queen is our head of State.

The 50-second commercial released by the Australian Republic Movement has everyday Australians singing the words to the British national anthem God Save The Queen, which was our own national anthem until 1984 when it was replaced by Advance Australia Fair.

The TV ad is the centrepiece for a new campaign, which is inviting Australians to declare their own independence by pledging allegiance to Australia and its people rather than the British monarch.

Federal politicians and Australian Defence Force personnel must still declare allegiance to the Queen, something which ARM chair Peter FitzSimons would like to see changed.

"This is Australia. We are Australians. And our national head of state should be an Australian. There's no credible argument against that," he said.

"We respect the Queen for her lifetime of service, and we'd love to have her over for a cuppa to oversee the transition to an Australian republic with an Australian as our head of state."

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