Friedi Meinel, new football coach at Boambee.
Friedi Meinel, new football coach at Boambee. Bruce Thomas

Goals priority for new coach

SCORING goals has never been an issue for Boambee, and new coach Friedi Meinel says it will be a priority again this year.

“This year we want to play a really modern and exciting football, mainly for the spectators,” Meinel said.

“I want to play 3-3-4, which means we have four forwards, which should be exciting.

“Sure we’re probably going to let in a couple of goals but we will score a lot of goals.

“We want to open the field up, make it exciting, make it interesting for the boys and score a lot of goals.”

With playing experience in German national youth sides, as well as playing for 1860 Munich and Wacker Munich, Meinel has plenty of experience to call on to make these bold claims.

He does admit though that scoring goals will have to start with some attention to the basics, which the Bombers lacked at times last year.

“We’re having some basic problems, which we’ve started to work on already,” he said.

“We need to improve our passing game. Unfortunately we’ve been using only about a quarter of the field and players haven’t been holding their position.

“Also our fitness level wasn’t quite there too. We always seemed to have one or two less players on the pitch because we were a bit slow at the ball.

“So we’ll be doing a lot of sprint work this year and a lot of work with the ball, passing and technical stuff.

“The individual playing is very, very good. Now I want them to perform as a team.

“I can definitely see mistakes in the game and correct them very quickly.

“I’m that old and ancient and I’ve seen so much football that I can make decisions very quickly on the spur of the moment when I see things go wrong.

“Also we’ve got a lot of young players that can benefit from some of the experience from the olden days.

“I’m talking mainly basic football.

“Sure we can all juggle the ball and that’s wonderful but we’ve still got to pass it to one of our players.

“And our problem sometimes is instead of hammering the ball in like crazy, we can place the ball into the goals.

“What I’m trying to explain to the players is if we can’t pass the ball to each other and can’t place the ball between the posts we’re going to have some problems winning.”

With plenty of goals on the scoreboard the main aim, the new coach is very bullish about Boambee’s prospects this year.

“We want to be number one this year; that’s our idea,” he said.

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