Editor In Chief Mark Furler.
Editor In Chief Mark Furler.

Peter Slipper out of touch

AT A time when parents are having to give up their disabled children because of a lack of support services, it is appalling that we have a federal member who feels it is okay to spend 43 days on an overseas junket.

Federal Member for Fisher Peter Slipper is not only a disgrace for the Sunshine Coast, he is a national disgrace for the LNP.

Tony Abbott went to the last election pledging to “end the waste”.

Well Tony, you need to start with your own party.

It is beyond belief that Mr Slipper can justify spending so much time touring Europe when the region he is supposed to represent is going through its toughest time in 30 years.

For an MP who has already been forced to repay thousands in travel expenses he was not entitled to, it is ludicrous that he continues to abuse the public purse like he is somehow entitled to be rewarded after years of service.

If Mr Slipper had scored major wins for the Coast during his time in office, perhaps he could be forgiven.

But the simple fact is he has achieved very little.

We still have one of the deadliest stretches of federal-funded highways in the country.

We still have a highway to Brisbane which is becoming more clogged by the day.

We still have precious little public infrastructure for a region this size.

But most importantly, we have thousands of people struggling every day with the cost of living to the point they are having to visit food banks and welfare agencies just to survive.

And as Bill Hoffman’s report on Saturday so powerfully highlighted, we have families on the Coast with disabled children having to make the heart-wrenching decision to hand their own children over to the state because there are not enough services to help them keep them at home.

Is that Peter Slipper’s fault? No. But surely he must realise how bad it looks that he is travelling all over Europe “on a study trip”, when so many are doing it so tough at home.

Mr Slipper should return to the Coast immediately and resign as an MP so that someone with a real commitment to the region – and a passion for the job – can start providing real representation.

That would be the honourable thing to do for our “honourable Member for Fisher”.

Bill Hoffman is on annual leave

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