Global Carnival needs help

BELLINGEN'S Global Carnival will need some ‘fairly significant' financial help if it is to continue, according to its director Bryony Taylor.

“The torrential rain over the festival weekend and the closure on Sunday (October 3) meant our entire contingency, which came from 15 years of saving, was wiped out,” Ms Taylor said.

“We, Global Carnivals Australia, are a non-profit community arts organisation, and we take the responsibilities that come with that very seriously. But we don't actually own anything, so we do not have the luxury of being able to raise a loan from the bank, which is what a private company would do.

“The festival has always been a high risk, labour-intensive venture. We've been lucky for many years – we always knew it would rain one day but never thought we'd have a flood.”

Ms Taylor said no firm decisions about the future had been made as yet.

“We are in a twilight zone, it is an opportunity for people to look at the festival in a different light.

“The Global Carnival is not like a big commercial rock gig – it is more marginal, a fringe event, and relies on community support. Now is a time when we really need support. We will have to see if the community and the region really want this festival.”

She said the loss had been so big there was no other response but acceptance.

The good luck was to have had box office income from the Saturday, which meant there was a shortfall of only about $150,000. The total cost of staging the festival was close to $750,000.

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