Give youth a go

I SEE that the young people in Coffs have yet again been let down (CCA 30/6).

The council have for years refused to build a decent skate park where the youth can participate in and practise their chosen sport, and now they are deprived of an alcohol and other drug-free cultural space where they can hang with their friends and listen to their peers play music.

Local musicians also are deprived of a venue where they can perform in front of a live audience.

I could understand if the venue was shut down if it was a fire hazard, but being shut down just because there was an anonymous complaint is a joke.

This was a safe haven where young people could go instead of getting drunk at beach parties.

This anonymous whinger is more than likely one of the same ones who whinge because the young people are meeting their friends and hanging out in public areas.

Young people have just as much right to meet their friends as anybody else.

I do not know the full situation, only what I read.

I cannot imagine that there would be many people who would be affected by the noise.

Even if there are, these were youth events so I cannot imagine that the events would finish too late, nor do I suppose that it happens every night of the week or even once a week.

To the anonymous whinger, I say, get a life and stop ruining the young people's lives.

You might say that I am whinging about the whingers but at least I have the guts to put my name to my whinge.

Let's hope that this ridiculous situation is rectified soon.


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