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SIGNAGE around the new Hogbin Drive has once again come under fire, this time from Jetty Strip business owners.

Mal Mason, owner of Scoffs Seafood and Grill, and Craig Scott, owner of the Foreshore Cafe and Picollos Restaurant, both want something done about the lack of signage directing tourists to the Jetty.

Both say some tourists have no idea the Jetty even exists until the stumble upon in by accident - and business is losing out.

Mr Mason said he is down about 10 or 15 people a night at his restaurant since the new road opened.

"Most people don't even realise the Jetty Strip is here. The signage is terrible. It says Coffs Harbour, but it doesn't tell you a destination. You've got university, racecourse to the right, but nothing that points out that there is anything of interest at the Jetty."

Mr Scott agreed, pointing out that the bad signage meant tourists miss out on one of the best parts of Coffs Harbour.

"Just going on feedback from our customers, tourists aren't finding the Jetty straight away. Visitors just aren't benefiting from the whole area," he said.

"The signs at the roundabout are terrible. People just follow the traffic."
"If you look at any major tourist town, the foreshore is a major focal point. Our Jetty is the jewel in the crown of Coffs Harbour that needs a bit of a polish."

Executive officer of the Coffs Coast Tourism Association, Tracey Adendorff, said the Chamber Comittee was looking to work through signage issues in the area and will be meeting next month to discuss solutions.

"If anyone would like to contribute their thoughts, they can post them on our website," she said.

The Coffs Coast Tourism Association website went live yesterday. Visit and post your thoughts about signage on the blog.

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