Give us a post box!

A KORORA resident's ongoing battle to get a post box for the suburb has entered its tenth year and the irony is that the war is being waged with letters.

Janice Russell first wrote to Australia Post to request a street posting box (SPB) for Korora in September 1998.

The reply was less than encouraging, with Australia Post claiming a senior staff member visited the northern Coffs Harbour suburb at the time and considered that 'nil circumstances exist for the provision of a street posting box'.

“I wrote to the area manager and he replied that there were not enough residents in Korora to make it viable,” Mrs Russell said.

So began a campaign to get a SPB for Korora that has seen Mrs Russell writing to Australia Post, Coffs Harbour City Council and former Member for Cowper, Garry Nehl, to secure a posting facility that would save older residents of Korora from having to travel out of their suburb to post letters.

Yet, the reason given for why Korora doesn't have a SPB was that Australia Post looks at factors such as customer access to nearby posting facilities, level of patronage and the special needs of the locality when deciding if an area needs a SPB.

But in a letter to Mrs Russell, Australia Post classified Korora as a 'rural area', which is just not the case with the suburb.

“We are a suburb of Coffs Harbour, we are not out in the bush,” Mrs Russell said.

“We should have the same facility as residents living in central Coffs, and given we pay our rates and taxes, we should not be discriminated against.”

Correspondence between Coffs Harbour City Council and Australia Post in 2001 prompted council to point out that 'Korora is clearly a medium density urban area and should be serviced accordingly'.

“I let the matter rest until October last year when the suburb had grown immensely and surely it could not be said we did not have enough residents to make a letter box viable,” Mrs Russell said.

But despite constant letter writing by Mrs Russell over a ten year period, Australia Post's position on providing a street posting box in Korora remains the same.

“Australia Post considers all requests objectively and in the past the town of Korora has not qualified for a street posting box,” a spokeswoman said.

“We would, however, be happy to look into it once again.”

Mrs Russell said she will keep writing until Korora has a street posting box.

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