Pedro the cockatoo.
Pedro the cockatoo. Coffs Coast Advocate

Give Pedro back to owners

THE theft of a 70-year-old cockatoo from a Coffs Harbour nursery is just about the lowest act we've seen in a long time.

If it happened anywhere else, the cockatoo-kidnapping would elicit a laugh, one of those oddball stories you come across in a forwarded email or as the last story on a TV news cast.

But when you learn that the cockatoo in question, Pedro, is as much a landmark of Coffs Harbour as the seals at the Pet Porpoise Pool, it's no laughing matter.

Pedro has been a staple of Garden Mania Nursery for years, a cheeky bird that's quick with a hello and loves a cup of tea.

The cocky celebrity would sing along to violins, has a vocabulary equal to his years of life, and there's not one Garden Mania customer who hasn't found themselves being asked what they're doing by the feisty old bird.

So where is Pedro?

Police maintain the cockatoo was either stolen by someone familiar with his antics, or that he'll turn up in someone's backyard, no doubt squawking abuse at the fact he can't get a cup of tea anymore.

We here at the Advocate want to see Pedro back where he belongs.

Pedro - are you out there?

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