The man arrested at Park Beach on Friday by Strike Force Trawler.
The man arrested at Park Beach on Friday by Strike Force Trawler.

Girl feared Snapchat sex predator would ‘come after’ her

A YOUNG girl told police she feared internet predator James Michael Brown would "come after" her if she didn't send explicit photos of herself over popular social media app Snapchat.

The child found herself victim to the sexual advances of 38-year-old Brown on social media for almost two years from the age of 11 before her father discovered the messages on her phone.

An interstate police sting by Strike Force Trawler detectives ensued, with the police posing as the girl for almost two months.

Brown, who allegedly thought he was meeting up with the girl for sex while holidaying in Coffs Harbour, had unwittingly set up a meeting for his arrest.

Handcuffed and wearing a Hawaiian shirt, pictures taken by police of the moment the Stuarts Point man was nabbed while waiting to meet up with the girl at a Coffs Harbour beach were circulated widely on social media in July last year.

Brown is remanded in custody and has pleaded guilty to charges of procuring a child for sexual activity and transmitting child porn.

Ahead of his upcoming sentencing, court papers have revealed the sordid details leading to his arrest.

The then 35-year-old Brown was using screen names like 'Furious' and 'Dennis Furious' when he contacted the 11-year-old Tasmanian girl in 2016 via LiveMe, a popular broadcasting platform for young people.

According to the papers he originally told her he was 28 and they soon began communicating through Snapchat.

Brown became sexually explicit in his messages almost a year later.

"When you are legal and you want to come you are welcome to," he wrote in one message.

"I mean I'd take you now but your parents will chase after you and I'd go to jail. Like I don't care about age but the law and society does."

The messages allegedly became more perverted in the 6 months prior to his arrest, despite the young girl repeatedly telling Brown he was "freaking" her out.

He's accused of telling the girl he wanted to "make babies" with her and on several occasions asked her to send him explicit photos of herself.

"I love that you are small," he wrote to her.

On several occasions, he suggested for the two to meet up.

In January 2018, he stands accused of sending the girl a lengthy message detailing an explicit dream he had involving her. He was charged with transmitting child porn in relation to this incident.

It was in March when the girl was aged 13 that her father discovered the messages, and detectives took over the girl's account in May.

Brown became increasingly more paranoid around this time period.

He would tell the girl to delete his messages, and would consistently keep referring to her as being 18-years-old in a bid to avoid being detected by police.

When investigations finally culminated to his arrest at Coffs Harbour, detectives said he had faked a German accent and told them he was a tourist collecting shells.

Police said he claimed to them that he had no other intention but to give the girl the shells.

Brown will be sentenced at Coffs Harbour District Court later this month.

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