Gillard can win: Sekfy

HE’S dined with her, worked with her and now he says Julia Gillard can win the next election for Labor.

The party’s Cowper candidate, Paul Sekfy, said our new PM could ‘rise above the fear and scare’ campaigns of the Coalition because she was a clear communicator and a straight speaker.

"I think the message that we have to sell is good. It hasn’t been sold well," Mr Sekfy said.

"Labor has good policies in a whole range of areas."

Mr Sekfy said Ms Gillard’s elevation to the top job would help put Australia on the map as an equal society.

"Within almost a week we have had a couple of historic things . . . we’ve had the passing of the maternity leave legislation in the Senate and now we have a female prime minister," he said.

"I think she’s a formidable politician. I think she will do well.

"I think she relates to people and I think she’s got a lot of understanding of the issues that affect people."

Mr Sekfy said Ms Gillard as Employment Minister had presided over the lowest unemployment figures in the developed world.

"To achieve that against the greatest financial setback in our generation is phenomenal," he said.

"We’ve seen significant advances in education policy and training policy."

Mr Sekfy said he had lunched with Ms Gillard in Coffs Harbour when she was the Opposition’s health spokeswoman and their ‘long chat’ about health policy had been encouraging.

He is a member of the Labor left, the same faction as our new PM, and says he has worked with her at both of the party’s national conferences he has been to.

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