Gillard 'all spin'

COWPER MP Luke Hartsuyker has accused the new prime Minister of being “all spin and no substance”.

Mr Hartsuyker, who is also the Shadow Minister for Consumer Affairs, said Julia Gillard’s claim that ASIC will protect mortgage holders from excessive exit fees is tantamount to misleading the Australian people.

“The reality is that existing mortgagees will not be protected by any new laws,” Mr Hartsuyker said.

“The new laws will only apply to those mortgage contracts signed after July 1, 2010,” he said.

“Like Mr Rudd she has fallen into the trap of being all spin and no substance. It’s the same spin but it’s a different leader.

“Labor’s announcement is an insult to the 2.5 million Australians currently paying off a mortgage. In the quest for a headline, Julia Gillard has revealed she will continue Labor’s commitment to spin the truth and treat Australians with contempt.

“The truth is that Labor has a history of failing to deliver on reigning in bank fees. Who can forget Wayne Swan’s bank-switching package in 2008 which amounted to nothing more than a website and a requirement for banks to give clients a list of their fees. The Coalition supports action to improve the competitiveness and fairness of Australia’s banking system and we supported the passage of the laws through Parliament.

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