No gagging ... Jarrod Wallace of the Broncos.
No gagging ... Jarrod Wallace of the Broncos. PAUL MILLER

Gherkin juice, peppermint oil the secret to Broncos success

Forget the hi-tech science and new age technology, the secret to Brisbane's success last year and their great start to this season is out.

Gherkin juice and peppermint oil.

Recent television coverage of an NRL game showed a mysterious jar containing pickled cucumbers, or gherkins, among sports drinks on the sidelines.

It turns out gherkins are used to quickly ease the excruciating pain of cramps.

Then before last week's clash between Brisbane and Newcastle, several Broncos players were noticed rubbing a mystery substance inside their mouths, which triggered a frenzy of calls to identify what they were taking.

It turned out to be peppermint oil, which is so strong it opens the airways in much the same way cold medication Vicks does to allow users to breathe easier.

"I've been doing it now for a few years," said Brisbane forward Jarrod Wallace, who looked to be gagging when caught on camera with his finger deep in his mouth last week.

A study conducted by Young University in the United States concluded than drinking a quarter cup of gherkin juice relieved severe cramping in as little as 85 seconds, or almost 50% quicker than water.

It also helps with stomach pains during pregnancy.

Meanwhile, the Titans are hopeful talented young halfback Ash Taylor will be right to play against the Bulldogs at ANZ Stadium tomorrow after being sent by his doctor to have blood tests this week.

Taylor had been experiencing some abdominal pain. If he is ruled out, Cameron Cullen, who was impressive when called into the Titans side which lost to the Sharks 25-20 in round six, will come into the halves.

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