Get a job and realise a dream

ENTREPRENEURIAL couple Neil and Megan Hawkins are looking for 11 locals to join them on a great adventure.

The sail craft manufacturers, who are opening a factory here next month, need 11 staff to help them complete a $2 million offshore boatbuilding contract.

You don’t need any previous shipwright experience, but you might have to be prepared for travel.

The Hawkins’ company, Australia Wide Sailing, has developed a multi-hulled trimaran, known as the Windy 18, which is set to become a huge hit worldwide.

Already the company has fielded a 400-boat contract in the US, which needs to be filled over the next four years.

“The work is there, we now just need the workers,” Mr Hawkins said. “We are so confident in the design of this vessel that we have sent it straight to the moulds. We have tank tested the prototype and believe we are onto something big – a sailing boat design that has huge potential.

“I want to put on nine staff plus two apprentices. No shipwright or boat building experience is necessary because we want to train them up ourselves.

“There is a guarantee of at least two years’ work and there’s an amazing opportunity for the two apprentices. I want them to be sailing our boat in regattas in Australia and overseas,” he said.

The cost-effective 18-footers, capable of carrying four adults and two children, will debut at the Sydney Boat Show in July.

Having invested $800,000 into the company, Mr Hawkins plans to run a diversified factory, also producing plastic kayaks fitted with electric motors, and resin-fused 5000-gallon rainwater tanks.

The company’s main drive, though, is taking the Windy 18 to the world.

“The plastic rotated hulls are being worked on in Gosford. We have bought ovens to commence production here.”

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