Dawson MP George Christensen.
Dawson MP George Christensen. Emma Murray

George Christensen abortion comments 'harmful' to women

THE national voice for women's health in Australia has slammed Dawson MP George Christensen for his "harmful" comments about abortion.

It comes as NSW MPs continue to debate a bill to decriminalise abortion.

On Tuesday night, Mr Christensen shared an academic journal article discussing infanticide to his official Facebook page.

The journal article, titled After-birth abortion: why should the baby live?, was published in 2013 in the Journal of Medical Ethics.

"Where does the push for abortion end? Academics are now making an intellectual case for infanticide which they term 'after-birth abortion'," Mr Christensen said.

"I'm disgusted at the very thought, but the question pro-abortion advocates need to consider is this: what is the difference between the baby gestating in the womb and the one who has just emerged from it?

"The logic behind abortion leads to the same conclusion these academics have come to."

Australian Women's Health Network national board chairperson Marilyn Beaumont said it was "appalling" for Mr Christensen to link infanticide to abortion.

Ms Beaumont said in doing so, this could create distress for women.

"It's intended to make women feel guilty or shameful," she said.

"George Christensen is trying to raise the issue of women killing their babies to create an environment of denigration for women seeking termination of pregnancy.

"It's appalling. He should be asked what his personal experience is."

Mr Christensen has also called for his followers to back a petition calling on NSW to not "rush" decriminalising abortion.

New England MP Barnaby Joyce has also shared the petition.

Ms Beaumont urged women to seek advice from their healthcare providers before making a decision about termination.

"Women should be clear and proud about the informed decisions they make ... and be in control of their own bodies," she said.

Abortion counselling service Marie Stopes Australia: 1300 401 926

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