TRUCK CONVOY: Hayley Menz has been a truck driver for 15 years.
TRUCK CONVOY: Hayley Menz has been a truck driver for 15 years. Ebony Graveur

PHOTOS: Truck convoy descends on Lockyer Valley town

FOR THE fourth time, Hayley Menz attended Lights on the Hill.

This time, she brought her partner with her to take part in the enormous convoy, which attracted hundreds of truck drivers along the Warrego Highway and to the Gatton Showgrounds.

"It was my partner's first Lights on the Hill, so he was pretty amazed with the turnout," Ms Menz said.

The truck driver of 15 years said she had attended the annual event several times previously but, this time, her mind was on two friends who had driven trucks their entire lives and recently passed away.

"They didn't lose their lives driving trucks - one of our friends had a heart attack," she said.

Another of Ms Menz's friends lost his battle with cancer early this year.

"I grew up around him as he was good friends with my dad," she said.

"He used to come to our house growing up and he was always good for a chat and had a beautiful smile."


Ms Menz grew up around truck drivers and joined the industry at 19 when she began driving in her dad's company.

"My dad has always been a truckie and so has my uncle... I wanted to be like dad and drive a truck, too," she said.

When she first began driving trucks, she noticed the industry was male-dominated but took it as an extra challenge.

"When I first started, there weren't many women driving but there are a few driving now," she said.

"The freedom of the road and the responsibility (attracted me to the industry)... And I love driving - the job in general - and it was a challenge. I wanted to drive like the boys could."



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