WATCHING the "good guy" persona of Nasser Sultan smashed into smithereens on Married At First Sight this week has been devastating.

Not since Jarrod Woodgate adorably wooed Sophie Monk on The Bachelorette before turning into an alarming stage-five clinger have we been so disappointed in a reality TV contestant.

Nasser had been ticking all the boxes for us in his first few weeks on the show. He was endearingly overenthusiastic about being matched with Gabrielle Bartlett, he embraced the news that she had alopecia, and he furiously blasted cheating groom Dean Wells after he admitted to two-timing his wife with another contestant.

We all loved Nasser at first sight.
We all loved Nasser at first sight.

But lately, the hero mask has been taken off.

Viewers watched on in shock this week as Nasser stomped around his wife's chosen accommodation, complaining non-stop and telling Gabrielle it was "possessed" before abandoning her to find another place to stay. Last night, he snapped at her when she suggested they spend more time together, shouting "I'm not gonna stay here and deal with this s**t!" before making a dramatic exit on his Vespa.

He didn’t handle the homestay well.
He didn’t handle the homestay well.

In a promo for Wednesday night's dinner party, he appears to tell the other contestants behind Gabrielle's back that their relationship is "done".

In an interview with Nine's The Fix, Gabrielle admitted that Nasser's interest in her seemed to only be when the cameras were rolling.

"Unfortunately, his inflexibility and stubbornness and just no interest in being a part of the experiment other than fun activities meant that he really wasn't there when the cameras weren't there," she said.

Gabrielle explained that her twin sister was concerned by Nasser's behaviour, and made her feelings clear when the group met up in Tuesday night's episode.

"Kerrie was, I think, quite panicked that I possibly completely wasted my time," she told The Fix. "And she also knows me as someone who is used to getting a healthy level of attention from men, so to see this man really hasn't even looked me in the eye or noticed me at all was something that left my sister feeling quite emotional because she really holds me at quite high esteem."


Married At First Sight continues at 7.30pm tonight on Nine.

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