Fundraising is common cents for kids

YOU may not have realised it - but Coffs Harbour has recently experienced a drought of five cent pieces, during the final stages of Tyalla Primary School's Five Cent Trail fundraising event.

Each class at Tyalla Primary School competes to lay the longest 'trail' of five cent pieces, to win one of three highly-coveted trophies.

Students have been collecting five cents from their family, friends and in change from shop purchases over the past couple of months and this all culminated in a trail blazing, raising around $1833 for the school.

Coins were laid in rows of four, with all edges touching, atop continuous computer paper.

P & C treasurer Kylie Ford said the P & C love this fundraising event.

“The teachers become really competitive with each other, making all sorts of challenges in the staffroom and then inspiring their students to develop more strategies of obtaining 5 cent coins.”

Five Cent Trail class trophies for the various stages of schooling were won by: Class 1SD in Stage 1, $SK in Stage 2 and 6GL (the wheelbarrow challengers) in Stage 3.

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