Solitary Islands GFC

IF ONLY we'd had a week or two like this when the blue marlin were about!

After one of the wettest La Nina summers on record, with south-easterlies, killer chop, and grey skies making life less than stellar out on the edge of the continental shelf for weeks, we finally get perfect game fishing weather at the very end of the season.

At least this gives game fishermen the chance to get out there and make hay while the sun shines, which is exactly what three game boats did last Wednesday - one of most gorgeous days the Coffs Coast has seen for a long time.

But great days and great fishing sometimes just don't go together, as all three boats proved, because after spending the entire perfect day on a perfect ocean... not one of them had raised a fish. Who'd have believed it?

Who knows where the big fish go at times like this?

What looks sensational to game fishermen can obviously be anything but to the marlin and tuna, and despite a lot of tuna being caught a week ago, they've obviously moved on until such time as conditions change enough to bring them back.

The whereabouts of the marlin is also a big mystery, and it will probably take more luck than skill to find them out there in that suddenly very empty ocean.

In fact, there were a couple of kids we were watching down at the marina on Wednesday who had a dollar's worth of prawns and enough skill to haul in a good feed of bream while we were working on a boat.

Maybe they were just lucky, or maybe on that day they were simply more tuned in to what was going on than a bunch of experienced game fishermen out on the continental shelf with enough high-tech fish-finding electronics to impress NASA. Who knows...?

Anyway, it sometimes only takes 24 hours for the game fishing to fire up from stone cold to red hot off Coffs.

So with the second last competition of the Solitary Islands club season taking place tomorrow, there might be a big fleet of boats heading out to see if they can muster up as much luck as those kids at the marina and find the one or two marlin that will tip the season pointscore in their favour.

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