Friend recalls end of Caleb's life

NAMBUCCA Heads teenager Caleb Jarrett visited a friend’s house in Centenary Drive roughly an hour before his fateful walk along Mann Street that led to his death two years ago.

A local youth, who knew Caleb since he was a boy, today recalled the events of Saturday, February 14, 2009 in the Supreme Court trial in Coffs Harbour.

Mitchell Anthony Winefield, 45, stands accused of murder, having pleaded not guilty to the fatal stabbing in which the 18-year-old suffered 10 knife wounds.

On the stand the young witness said he saw Caleb swing a punch at the four-wheel drive, which Winefield was reversing from a driveway.

“(The vehicle) came out first and I seen (sic) Caleb jump out of the way. It nearly hit him at the end of the driveway,” the witness said.

“The man walked up to Caleb. Caleb took a swing at him. The man bent down and Caleb was hitting him in the back.

“Caleb grabbed him under the arms and chucked him, ran over and kicked (the accused).”

The witness said the accused picked something up after the fight.

He said he heard the accused make an offensive remark, saying “I got you” as he returned to the vehicle.

A short time later Caleb’s friends noticed he had a large cut above his knee.

They lifted his shirt to find a large wound below his ribs.

The witness and another youth ran to a nearby house and the resident called triple-0.

Caleb was lying on the pathway when a passing courtesy bus driver stopped to assist the youths, again calling for an ambulance.

After their injured friend was rushed to hospital, the youths were interviewed by police.

The witness said he was told Caleb had died after he gave a statement at the Nambucca Heads Police Station.

Earlier that evening, Caleb and his mates had played video games at the witness’s house.

Caleb was seen to drink from a soft drink bottle containing alcohol before the youths decided to walk towards a nearby service station.

A post mortem found Caleb died of a stab wound that punctured his heart.

The trial before Justice Fullerton continues today.

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