Four amazing surf cars for sale right now

EVER daydream about having the perfect car you can just pack with a few boards and run up or down the coast?

I know I do. 

But what makes the perfect surf vehicle? The ability to live in it comfortably? A four-wheel-drive that can go anywhere? Or just one of those cars that turns heads and makes you smile?

Regardless below are four amazing surf cars for sale right now. 


This Chevvy Woody is for sale on CarSales right now.
This Chevvy Woody is for sale on CarSales right now.

Make and model: 1952 Chevrolet Tin Woody


Price: $30,000 (AUD)


Pros: This one's a classic. It looks like the sort of car that you'd stick a big ten foot single fin mal in the back of and drive to some deserted right hand point break and just zip down the line. 

And being a station wagon there's plenty of room in the back so you can sleep wherever there are waves. It also looks like the sort of car that would lead to you springing up a friendly conversation with even the angriest of locals. 

And it's highly collectible so you could even find a car like this one increases in value. (At least that's what we suggest you tell your other half.)


Cons: There aren't many deserted right hand point breaks left in Australia and the ones that are out there require at the very least a four-wheel-drive to get to. 


2004 Ford Transit. For sale on Car Sales right now.
2004 Ford Transit. For sale on Car Sales right now.

Make and model: 2004 Ford Transit Van


Price: $13,900


Pros: This one's done a few miles but it's very well priced and if you're wondering why this is the perfect surf vehicle just have a look at what Cyrus Sutton did with a similar van in the US. 



Cons: Vans (especially massive ones) can be hard to park and probably aren't the world's fastest vehicles. 



Toyota Hilux 2013
Toyota Hilux 2013

Make and model: 2013 Toyota Hilux SR5, Manual Dual Cab


Price: $40,000 (AUD)


Pros: These cars will take you anywhere. Can't you just see this thing burning along the beach with a board bag full of short boards strapped to the roof? A few mates in the seats and some cases of beer in the boot. Perfect. 


Cons: Hard to see many. Might have trouble sleeping in it but you could always take a tent to the remote spots this baby makes accessible. 


1964 Volkswagen Kombi Transporter Kombi Type 1 Manual for sale on CarSales
1964 Volkswagen Kombi Transporter Kombi Type 1 Manual for sale on CarSales

Make and model: 1964 Volkswagen Kombi Transporter Kombi Type 1 Manual


Price: $67,500


Pros: Doesn't have to be this one in particular but it is immaculate. Not sure we even need to make the case with this car - can fit the boards, can fit two people, will turn heads, is the quintessential surf vehicle. 


Cons: Not saying this particular one will break down - it looks like it's been very well looked after - but they're possibly not the most reliable cars now that they're more than 50 years old. 

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