The jetty foreshores.
The jetty foreshores.

Foreshores an issue

CANDIDATES in September's local council elections have been put on notice.

Advocate readers will be taking a keen interest in your views on our views, and particularly the Jetty Foreshores, before they vote.

This week's online poll following our front page story on the state of the Jetty Foreshores and Beacon Hill has highlighted an across the board community desire for the areas to be made over.

A total of 1460 votes was registered in 48 hours across the eight poll questions*.

The biggest response was to whether the disappearance of views from the Jetty Foreshores, Beacon Hill and Park Beach was an issue that needed to be addressed.

The poll also revealed 80% of respondents supported a makeover of the Jetty Foreshores to open up the harbour views.

What should give aspiring councillors plenty to consider as they develop their campaign platforms was the 83% who indicated the attitude of candidates to the Jetty Foreshores would influence their votes. More than three quarters indicated they would vote for a candidate who promised to make a makeover of the foreshores a priority during the next council term.

* The Coffs Coast Advocate online poll was not a scientific poll. The results reflected only the opinions of those who chose to participate.

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