Pumpenbil, population 442, to get blazing Telstra 4GX

A SMALL town in western Tweed is one of the first spots in Australia to get Telstra's "supercharged" 4GX mobile network switched on.

More than 600 new towns and suburbs have been included on the roll-out list, but only one from northern New South Wales - Pumpenbil, a town with a population of 442 at the 2011 Census.

Telstra spokesman Mike Wright said the new system delivered the fastest mobile internet download speeds seen in Australia and would boost in-building coverage for existing 4G services, bringing better coverage in homes and offices.

It has further-reaching coverage than existing 4G services, meaning fewer black spots in regional areas.

"It also has wider network benefits, with traditional 4G services freed up to help manage the ever growing demand for data," Mr Wright said.

"This means our customers can enjoy more of what they love - be it video, social media or the internet - in more places, with less buffering.

"Telstra continues to have the largest 4G coverage area in Australia, and now it will reach 90% of the Australian population, almost a month ahead of schedule.

"And we are not stopping there as work is underway to bring 4G services to 94% of the Australian population by the middle of this year."

The 4GX network was activated today (January 2, 2015) and the rollout will continue throughout the year.


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