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Flood of support after the deluge

IT'S going to take a long time for the shire to recover from last week's flood.

The deluge was huge, as was the endless loop of thunder and lightning that continued hour after hour overhead.

Now the deluge is one of human stories.

But rather than dwell on these here (you can turn to almost any other page of the paper for that), I'd like to pass on an inundation of thanks to all the SES volunteers, firies and others who have been working and working and working to help, comfort and clean-up ever since.

One evacuee described an 'angel' who greeted them at Coffs Harbour.

“She just took my children, held them, and comforted them . . . I felt so grateful.”

In fact, she said she felt 'surrounded by angels'.

No wonder this part of the world is described as 'heaven on earth'!

And amongst it all, some managed to remember it was actually April Fool's Day.

Walking to Lavenders Bridge on Wednesday, I passed some young kids in school uniform.

“Did you guys try going to school?” I asked surprised. Their gleeful father gave me the thumbs up -“We got them!”

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