Fixed speed camera for Urunga

URUNGA'S controversial fixed speed camera will be one of seven around the state included in a new "three strikes" warning system.

The system was announced by the National Party's NSW Minister for Roads and Ports, Duncan Gay, last month.

But the carefully-worded conditions announced by a Roads and Maritime Services spokesman yesterday are unlikely to placate local Urunga residents calling for the Pacific Highway-based camera to be restored to its former fully-operational capacity, as traffic offenders will still have multiple opportunities to break the law before any penalty is handed out.

"The three strikes system announced by Minister for Roads and Ports Duncan Gay aims to change motorist behaviour by providing a warning letter for speeding up to 30km/h above the speed limit," the statement read.

"The change recognises good drivers can make a mistake but reminds them of the importance of monitoring their speed.

"It also means motorists who are continually speeding at these locations will be penalised."

Under the policy a warning letter will be issued and a 'strike' recorded for a vehicle detected travelling above the speed limit.

A second warning letter will be forwarded and another 'strike' recorded if a second offence is detected.

Only after a third offence will any penalty be imposed.

"If the same vehicle is detected speeding for a third time at the same location a penalty notice will be issued," the RMS statement continued.

"The offences will continue to accrue the relevant demerit points.

"Motorists caught speeding 30km/h or more above the speed limit will face significant penalties.

"Speeding is the leading cause of road death and trauma.

"More than 170 people die and 4100 are injured in speeding related crashes each year.

"Motorists are advised to always observe the posted speed limit and drive to the conditions."

Electronic message signs will remain for two weeks after the speed cameras go live.

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